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Publication & Awards

Selected abstracts will be invited for submission of full papers and shortlisted for awards.

Supporting Journals

  • Journal of Responsible Tourism Management

  • International Journal of Business Events and Legacies

  • Young Consumers (SCOPUS Q1)

  • Tourism Geographies (SCOPUS Q1)

  • Journal of Heritage Tourism (SCOPUS Q1)

  • Tourism & Hospitality Research (SCOPUS Q1)

  • Journal of Current Southeast Asia Affairs (SCOPUS Q1)

  • International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration (SCOPUS Q2)

  • Asian Journal of Business Research (SCOPUS Q2)

  • Asian Academy of Management Journal (SCOPUS Q3)


  • Editor's Pick Awards by Editors-in-Chief

  • Best Conference Paper Awards by Tracks

  • Best Presenter Awards

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