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Take Local Transport

Taking local transport is a good way to get in touch with the locals and support the local economy. It also helps you to be part of the community you visit. Talking to drivers or passengers can be useful to your trip planning.


Avoid airplanes if possible

Consider replacing airplanes with trains and buses if circumstances allow. Although buses and trains are not perfect, they are deninitely eco-frienflier than airplanes.


Slow Your Roll

People always want to see more and visit more places as fast as they possibly can. Unfortunately, you are never going to truly enjoy your travel if you try to cram too much in. Therefore, slow your travel down, see less places but see them better.


Travel In The Off-Season

Overtourism is pushing the capacity in many popular destinations in the world and creating stress on the environment. Issues such as pollution and traffic worsen during peak tourist season. Traveling in the off-season lessens the negative impact of tourism.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the ways of becoming a responsible traveller is by avoiding flights to reduce your carbon footprint. If taking a flight is the only option, you may try to take a direct flight use public transportation once you reach your destination or walk.


Explore Non-Popular Areas

Overtourism happens mainly due to tourists wanting to visit the same sites. It is good to switch up your perspective and focus on the hidden gems where no one else seems to go.


Book Flight With Sustainable Airline

You are not in control of the majority of the environmental damage of your flying, but you can however minimise your environmental footprint by choosing an eco-friendly airline. Sustainable airline may be a little more expensive but they are much lower in emissions.


Respect Biodiversity and Natural Areas

Certain respectful behaviours are required when visiting and enjoying nature. For
instance, take the marked trails during your road trip so as not to disturb the local fauna. Also, respect the silence of the destination by using binoculars to observe animals from a distance.


Sustainable Transport Companies

Opt for sustainable transport companies that offset CO2 emissions. Actually, these companies don’t produce less CO2 than their competition. What offsetting emissions normally means is that either they or you pay towards planting trees, building solar panels or alike somewhere in the world.


Travel by Public Transport 

Taking public transport is not only exciting, it is also a great way to meet locals and see more of the country you’re visiting. Most importantly, it reduces your carbon footprint. Choosing public transport like buses, trains, and trams that are already operating cuts down on unnecessary emission.


Go Overland

Flights are bad for the environment and are unsustainable as our first option for traveling. If there is truly no way to get to your destination overland and you must go there, commit to responsible overland travel once you arrive. This way you can explore more sights and activities too.


Give Cruising a Miss

Cruising is harmful to the environment as cruise ships generate and dump huge amounts of waste that leads to the destruction of valuable marine ecosystems. Moreover, it also reduces the positive impact of tourism as you’re less likely to spend your money at local attractions. As a result, your carbon footprint will be higher than a land-based trip.

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