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About The Centre

Responsible Borneo (REBORN) is a consultative body which aims to mobilise knowledge into practise through research, innovation and partnership using responsibility as its core value to make a real impact on the society. Responsible tourism, one of the main missions of REBORN, is a response to the declaration of Sarawak Commitment to Responsible Tourism made on 28 May 2021 and in line with the Post-COVID 19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030. The overarching objective is to reorient and rebuild tourism through the lens of responsibility for sustainable development in Sarawak and other emerging destinations in Southeast Asia.


Responsible Borneo focuses on the importance, urgency and significance of responsible behaviour and collective actions for economic, socio-cultural and environmental well-being. It advocates responsible tourism as a strategic vehicle to drive positive change and transform people and planet for the common good and future generations.

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1. To advance and perpetuate the research on and practice of responsible behavior.

2. To disseminate and realize responsible tourism initiatives with global perspectives and local approaches.

3. To empower youth and engage local communities in and through tourism and hospitality sectors through the lens of responsibility.

4. To create platforms for multi-stakeholders to co-create values and harness effective partnerships domestically, regionally and internationally.

*Real Impact through Responsible Actions.*

The vision of the centre

Who we are

Core Values

We are a dedicated team from diverse backgrounds with a shared vision, passion and commitment to the well-being of people and planet.


We believe in developing our society in a way that respects local communities, conserves cultural heritage, protects the environment and future-proofs our next generation through responsible actions.


We strive to make a positive impact with our stakeholders in partnership through responsible tourism for common good and a greater cause.

International Conference on Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (ICRTH) 2022 is an academic and professional (industry) event that advances the discourse on responsible tourism for sustainable development. This event is a continuation of ICRTH2021 held on 27-28 May last year which attracted approximately 3,500 virtual delegates from 96 countries.

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What we do

What We Do

The Centre has eight missions which serve as its functions. These missions and functions are partnership, consultancy, research, training, event, community, publication and youth. The descriptions of each function are as follows:



To establish networking and strategic alliance with public and private sectors, nationally and internationally, to promote responsible management and sustainable practices


To provide consultancy services to the public and private sectors through collaborative projects to transfer knowledge into practice in a real setting



To advance knowledge through research and innovation in order to develop (co-)curricula programs and make informed decisions to improve processes and outcomes



To provide a wide range of training programs and development opportunities for researchers, practitioners, younger generation and community members



To conduct forums, seminars and conferences in partnership with academic institutions, governmental agencies and/or international bodies for knowledge sharing and networking



To administer communal and capacity building programs to engage with and empower community members to safeguard their destinations and heritage with resilience



To document and disseminate research outputs, practical insights and perspectives from global authors and contributors through multifarious avenues including online, printed and social platforms



To empower and inspire the younger generation as leaders and global citizens by providing educational initiatives, mentorship or internship programs, and experiential learning opportunities

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