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About The Centre

Using REBORN as its brand, Centre for Responsible Borneo (CRB) was developed on 22 February 2022 in response to tourism rebuild in Sarawak as well as global tourism recovery in the wake of COVID-19. At its core, CRB focuses on the importance, urgency and significance of responsible behaviour and collective actions for sustainable development from economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects. The Centre is established under the wing of Sarawak Research Society (SRS) and in partnership with UCSI University Sarawak Campus, Emerald Publishing (East Asia), Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Kuching and Southeast Asia Research Academy (SEARA). Apart from the Board Members who serve as strategic partners, the management team is made up by Academic Members, Industry Members and Executive Members. The Centre is led by Dr. Hiram Ting who is assisted by Ms. Mandy Chen and Mr. Nicholas Tiong.

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The overarching objective of REBORN is to advance and perpetuate the discourse on responsible tourism and realise it pragmatically in the local context. It seeks to synergize the knowledge, skills and resources of the relevant stakeholders and reinforce collective actions to make a substantive impact on the environment, economy and society (especially the local community).

*Responsible Borneo (REBORN) is an initiative of Sarawak Research Society (SRS) to advance the knowledge and practice of responsible behavior as well as implement sustainable development through responsible tourism management.*

The vision of the centre

Who we are

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals with a shared vision, passion and commitment to the well-being of people and the planet. 


We believe in developing our society in a way that respects local communities, preserves cultural heritage, conserves the environment and future-proofs our next generation. 


We take pride in our work and strive to make a positive impact on our stakeholders through responsible tourism as a vehicle for common good and a greater cause.

International Conference on Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (ICRTH) 2022 is an academic and professional (industry) event that advances the discourse on responsible tourism for sustainable development. This event is a continuation of ICRTH2021 held on 27-28 May last year which attracted approximately 3,500 virtual delegates from 96 countries.

What we do

What We Do

The Centre has six missions which serve as its functions. These missions and functions are partnership, consultancy, research, training, event, and community. The descriptions of each function are as follows:



To establish networking and strategic alliance with public and private sectors, nationally and internationally, to promote responsible management and sustainable practice


To provide consultancy services to the public and private sectors through collaboration and partnership



To advance knowledge through research, scholarship and publication as well as develop innovative approaches for a better solution



To provide a wide range of training programs and development opportunities for researchers, practitioners and younger generation



To conduct forums, seminars and conferences in partnership with academic  institutions, governmental agencies and/or international bodies



To administer communal and capacity building programs to engage with and empower community members.





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