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Responsible Tourism Framework

   In light of the 2021 Sarawak Commitment to Responsible Tourism, this study aims to explore and develop the Responsible Tourism Framework that would be useful to act as a benchmarking tool (or guidelines) to all entities within the tourism and hospitality industry for economic, social and environmental development in a sustainable manner.


   The significance of this research goes beyond enriching the responsible tourism literature as it also aims to provide a Responsible Tourism Blueprint (practical guideline) and operational framework with indicators and measures, as well as a Responsible Tourism Manual for the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak (MTCP) and the relevant tourism and hospitality stakeholders in the state.




Responsible Borneo (REBORN) is about rebuilding tourism using the responsibility precept through sustainable development in Sarawak and emerging destinations. It is a response to the declaration of 2021 Sarawak Commitment to Responsible Tourism made on 28 May. The overarching objective of REBORN is to perpetuate the discourse on responsible tourism conceptually as an explanatory model and practically as a benchmarking tool in the local context. It seeks to synergize the knowledge, skills and resources of the relevant stakeholders and reinforce collective actions to make a substantive impact on the environment, economy and society (including the local community).


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