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Paku Rock Maze Garden




Paku Town has Chinese and mining histories for more than 200 years. Paku Town’s name is derived from two sources. The first saying was that Paku Town was named after the Hakka pronunciation of Serembu. The second saying was that according to legend, there was an olive tree in the center of the town. The olives would be stained with sand when they dropped to the ground. Hence the name “沙榄埔”.


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Paku rock maze is a naturally formed stone forest landform located behind the Shiwang Temple. Before 2021, it was an undeveloped primitive stone forest overgrown with shrubs. Paku rock maze garden, in addition to the representative "Golden Hoop", also has a mini "Five Fingers Mountain" standing in the center. Its height is only half a person's body, and its five uplifted ridges and spreading moss are like a miniature model of a plateau mountain. The name "Five Fingers Mountain" comes not only from the similar shape of its five ridges, but is also to echo the culture of "Monkey King" together with the roots of the "Golden Hoop". It is hoped that while developing its tourism potential, cultural heritage is also integrated.




Paku rock maze is a very precious karst landform formed after a long geological evolution of the typical Gust landform. Paku is located at Bau district and it is approximately a 30km drive from Kuching.


geological info
Dr Dana.png

Dr. Dana Badang

Department of Mineral and Geoscience, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia

Bau is the main geo-area in the aspiring Sarawak Delta Geopark (SDGp) with abundant products for sustainable tourism activities - geotourism, which is part of ecotourism. It is blessed with various attractions, thanks to the existing natural resources, culture, and socioeconomic activities in the present and the past, such as the history of gold mining. It has a long and unique geological evolution - beginning from deep sea with some volcanic eruptions and turning to shallow marine where the huge coral reef was formed which subsequently became limestone after millions of years. Exogenous processes of weathering and subsequent erosion alter the geological landscape and landforms to form beautiful tropical karst morphology as we can see today, including the newly found “Paku Rock Maze Garden”. These attractions and tourism products are in the terms of geosites, biosites, culture sites as well as socioeconomic activities which will be connected by several proposed geo trails within the SDG area. Most of the geosites are outstanding national (ONV) up to universal heritage value (OUV).

Prof. Dr. Indraneil Das

Professor, Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

“The geological formation at Paku Rock Maze Garden appears to be of late Jurassic to Cretaceous origins and remains to be studied in detail. The formation is mostly limestone and represents an ancient marine ecosystem that was subsequently located inland with the retreat of the shoreline. Features of erosion suggest rivers, possibly flowing through a cave system. Extensive groves in the cave walls suggest that several water levels persisted. The roof of the cave system appears to have collapsed, forming a limestone scree vegetation. Such a landscape elsewhere is known to be rich in biodiversity. Animal and plant groups particularly restricted to such habitats as point endemics include aroids, orchids, land snails, crabs and lizards. The next logical step to understand the landscape would be geological and geomorphological studies as well as biological inventories of these targeted groups of species.”


By Prof Indraneil Das & Dr Hans Hazebroek

Dr Hans Hazebroek

Research Associate, Institute of Biodiversity

and Environmental Conservation,

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak



Introducing Community Leader 社区领袖介绍

YB Miro Simuh

YB Miro Simuh ​石联埠区州议员 米罗 西姆

Tuan Constantine Gerald David Anak Jonas

Tuan Constantine Gerald David Anak Jonas 杰拉德 大卫

Pegawai Daerah Bau 石隆门县  县长

Chairperson of Majlis Daerah Bau 石隆门县议会 主席

Pemanca Bong Jong Long

Pemanca Bong Jong Long 本曼查 黄杨浪

Penghulu Lai Shey Hiong

Penghulu Lai Shey Hiong 本固鲁 黎世雄

Kapitan Pui Shak Sin

Kapitan Pui Shak Sin 甲必丹 贝石新

cmmunty n socio

Food stalls at Paku Bazaar


Boon's Cafe.jpg

Boon Café

The owner, Mr Boon operates beverage stall which is selling the local beverages and dessert such as ABC, tea and coffee and etc

Operation hour: 5:30am until 9:30pm (Closed on Sunday)

Boon cafe abc.jpg
muslim food.jpg

Malindo Muslim Food

The owner of Malindo Muslim Food is selling authentic Indonesia muslim food.

Operation hour: 1:00pm to 9:00pm (Closed on Sunday)

Malindo food.jpg
Paku Fried Chicken.jpg

88 Crispy Fried Chicken

The stall sells fried chicken and sweet snacks 

Operation hour: 2:00pm until 8:00pm

FB Page: PAKU-88 Crispy Fried Chicken

Whatsapp No: +6014-2080963 Mr. Bong

chicken 2.jpg
Wu Kong Ice cream.jpg

Wu Kong Ice cream

The owner sells ice-ceam and some dessert and snacks such as mee cup, waffles and other some sweets. 

Operation hour: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

wk ice cream 2.jpg
Sister Na's Cafe.jpg

Sister Na

The owner sells fried noodle and fresh sugarcane drink

Operation time: 5:30am to 11:30pm

sister na 1.jpg

The town has a population of approximately 600 people, of which around 95% are Chinese, mainly Hakka people, and around 5% are Bidayuh. Chinese education in Paku can be traced back to 1870 when the first Chinese primary school in Sarawak - "HanMin School" was established by the Chinese in Sarawak. Finally, for every traditional Chinese festival such as the Spring Festival, the Tianchuan Festival, and the birthday of the Great Master, they will hold a grand celebration in Paku.


Paku rock maze 1.JPEG

The rock maze, an extremely precious geological heritage situated at Paku Town, is formed after a long geological evolution. After entering through the narrow entrance, it is as if you are brought into a wonderland. The inside of the rock maze is formed by peculiar stones in dynamic shapes. The boulders grew wildly here after billions of years. Some boulders resemble dinosaurs whereas others resemble gorillas. A natural tropical maze is thus formed through the crisscrossing of rocks of all sizes and plants.




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没有入场费。 欢迎捐款。


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Paku rock Maze.jpg



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Persatuan Penganut Shak Bong Kung Paku

Kapitan Pui: +6013-813 9783


Hwa Gong Bau Historical Society

Pemanca Bong: +6013-814 0109

Mr. Lucas Lim: +6019-878 7778


Bau District Council

Ms. Adeline Molly: +6012-354 4339

Facebook page: Paku Sarawak


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