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Community Programme 3

“Gotong Royong” to Kickstart the First Communal Activity at Paku Rock Maze Garden 


16th November 2021

On 14th November 2021, under the lead of the local communities and Sarawak Research Society (SRS), a communal activity was conducted at Paku Rock Maze Garden. The purpose is to create clear pathways inside the garden, clean up the surroundings, discover trekking spots and incredible natural heritage, and to discover a whole new natural tourism spot.


The participants gathered at the Shak Bong Kung Temple beside Paku Rock Maze Garden at 8:30 AM. Everyone had their breakfast prepared by the local communities before starting the assigned task at 9:00 AM. Everyone played their roles well while helping one another to complete the communal activity. While the Responsible Borneo (REBORN)members were doing map sketching of the Paku Rock Maze Garden, we were impressed by the discovery that the area could be more than 3km2, which is larger than we expected. Since we could not see the entire area clearly using Google Map Satellite view, it became a real hidden gem to all of us.

We also discovered that there were several stones which resembled faces or figures, for example T-Rex, Rock Eyes, Stone Face and Gorilla. We were impressed to know that all of these stones were naturally formed and could be more than 140 million years old. We almost believed that all these stones were carved by some “alien technology”, but it turned out that this whole area used to be under the sea. As time passed, the sea level fell, which leaves these stones formed naturally by the wave erosion. Hence, never underestimate the power of mother nature.

The participants of the communal activity included Pemanca Bong Jong Long, Kapitan Pui Shak Sin, the community members of Paku Town, the members of Hwa Gong Bau Historical Society, SRS as well as the staff of Majlis Daerah Bau (Bau District Council).

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