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Connecting and upskilling with Sarawak coffee


Connecting and Upskilling with Sarawak Coffee Program is designed to give the young people a chance to learn about Sarawak coffee's history, cultivation, and innovative brewing techniques. The program will be guided by internationally certified coffee specialists and cover a variety of topics, including the history of Sarawak’s coffee cultivation, different innovative roasting and brewing methods, and introduction of coffee entrepreneurship. Being guided and involved in the coffee industry early and correctly, young people will not only gain knowledge in coffee’s cultural and economic value but can also support the local’s sustainable coffee farming and trading movement as well as receive encouragement and inspiration in innovative coffee brewing and entrepreneurship from the speakers. 


To equip the youth with the knowledge about history of Sarawak’s coffee farming, cultivation, roasting and brewing process, as well as coffee tasting and evaluation methods. 


To practically guide the youth on different traditional and modern roasting and brewing methods. 


To introduce innovative brewing method that infuses local flavours into coffee. 


To show support to the local farmers and businesses on sustainable farming and trading movement. 


To inspire coffee entrepreneurship spirits into the youth through real stories and demonstrations. 


To provide valuable networking opportunities for the youth with other coffee enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the industry. 

Project Team


Mr. Leo Tang

Project Executive, Responsible Borneo

Certified Trainer, Asian Coffee Certification

Dennis Liang

Mr. Dennis Liang 

Member, Sarawak Research Society

Certified Trainer, Asian Coffee Certification

Alice Lim.png

Ms. Alice Lim

Apprentice Member, Responsible Borneo

Certified Trainer, Asian Coffee Certification



Mr. Edward Yong 

  • Certified Coffeeologist, Coffee Consulate, Germany

  • Director, Rena Jaya Plantation San. Bad, Malaysia

  • Certified Trainer, Asian Coffee Certification (ACC)


Mdm. Belle Kuek 

  • Director, Rena Jaya Plantation San. Bad, Malaysia

  • Certified Trainer, Asian Coffee Certification (ACC)


Prof. Dr. Sebrina Wang 

  • Professor and Dean of International College, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, Taiwan

  • Chairperson, Asian Coffee Certification (ACC)


Mr. Tony Wang 

  • Internationally-recognised Trainer, Asian Coffee Certification (ACC) 

  • Authorised Trainer, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) 

  • Director, Taiwan Coffee Development Association 

  • Consultant, JAE GO Café, Taiwan 

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