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Lessen Your Trash Impact

Put your trash where it belongs or bring it away. Many countries lack a strong sanitation and trash infrastructure. Even if the locals dispose of garbage in public areas, take the extra step to dispose of yours responsibly.


Minimise Your Waste

In most countries, waste management is a major issue and we as travelers often unknowingly contribute to this problem. It is crucial for us to consciously reduce our waste.


Don’t Ignore Signs

Responsible traveler by paying attention to sign as they are there to keep everyone and the environment save. whenever climbing or hikes ignoring these signs, you will be stamping on habitats, eroding the scenery and putting your life at risk.


Don’t Feed The Wildlife

Feeding wildlife can encourage attacks and if an animal attacks the tourist, it will be put down by authorities. Tourists encourage dingoes to get close with food for take photo. The dingo gets a fright from the flash of the camera, bites the tourist.


Respect Dress Codes

When visiting sights of religious significance, a fairly strict code applies. In most cultures, it is enough to cover the shoulders and knee, but walking around in a bikini or bathers can be disrespectful. It is essential to respecting their dress codes.


Ethical Photography

Practise responsible travel photography by always asking yourself whether you would feel comfortable if others took the same photo of you. recommended to make a two-way interaction with the person by getting involved with what they are doing.


Take Care of Heritage

Thousands of heritage sites all over the world have attracted millions of visitors yearly. To protect these heritages for the future generations to view, you should not litter, graffiti, or emblazon your name on the walls or caves.


Be Aware of the Products You are Using

The sunscreens people normally use are loaded with chemicals like oxybenzone, a harmful ingredient that causes coral to become sick, bleach, and eventually die. Therefore, instead of buying sunscreens that contain oxybenzone, choose natural or reef-friendly sunscreens.


Local Guides

Hiring local guides is good as you will discover more about the culture, the landscape and the wildlife. Moreover, your money spent can go back into the local community. In many countries like Kenya and Sri Lanka, poachers have become conservationists and guides. The more we support them, the better.


Support Local Vendors and Artisans

Buying items from local artisans rather than mass-produced souvenirs is a great way to support the local “little guys.” Taking an interest in local crafts improves your understanding of the place, its people and its history. This practice also helps to ensure that local traditions are preserved.


Do Not Lean

Sometimes travel makes you tired and you might find yourself leaning on a wall, a pillar, or anything to get a moment’s rest. But in destination that might mean getting too close to the artifacts, look for a designated bench if your feet need a rest, or head to the cafe for a reviving coffee.


Seek and Enjoy Cultural Experiences

It is best to expand your experiences in a new place well beyond the all-inclusive resort. To grow your understanding and broaden your holiday experience, you may join a local tour, visit museums, local markets, and chat with locals. After all, the point of leaving home and travelling is to experience and enjoy your destination to the fullest.

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