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Theme: Responsible Tourism and Peace

Responsible Tourism refers to an approach to tourism that aims to maximize the positive economic, social, and environmental impacts of travel while minimizing the negative consequences. It involves making ethical and sustainable choices as a traveller, tour operator, or destination manager to ensure that tourism contributes to the well-being of local communities, preserves cultural heritage, and protects the natural environment. Responsible Tourism emphasizes responsible behavior by tourists, fair economic distribution, and the promotion of environmentally friendly practices within the tourism industry. This approach encourages travellers to be conscious of their impact on destinations and make choices that support local economies, cultures, and ecosystems. As for Responsible Tourism and Peace, it is an initiative where multicultural and interfaith tolerance and understanding, laying the foundation for more peaceful societies is fostered. Moreover, this year, SYT2024 Theme will be focusing on the below 5 categories:

Cultural Preservation

Encouraging tourism that respects and preserves the cultural heritage of destinations fosters understanding and appreciation among tourists / visitors. This also focuses on promoting cultural acceptance to promote peaceful society.

Environmental Conservation

Sustainable tourism practices, such as minimizing carbon footprint, protecting natural habitats, contributing to environmental peace.

Community Empowerment

Responsible tourism initiatives that prioritize local community involvement, fair economic distribution, and social equity can contribute to peacebuilding.

Education and Awareness

Responsible tourism initiatives often include educational components that raise awareness about local cultures, histories, and environmental issues to spread environmental peace through tourism.

Local Economic Sustainability

Encourage tourism that supports local, help to promote local businesses and also contribute to the local economy. Through this effort, we will be able to contribute back to the community and create social harmony.

Note: These categories are just some of the examples. Participants are encouraged to find out more and explore to more categories