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International Conference on Responsible Tourism and Hospitality (ICRTH) 2024

Tourism and Peace:
Promote Peaceful and Inclusive Societies for Sustainable Development



6 August 2024

Main conference

7-9 August 2024


9-11 August 2024


Theatre Hotel, Kuching

Theatre Hotel, Kuching

Responsible Tourism Fieldwork

Conference Chairs

Prof. Dr. Hiram Ting

Asst. Prof. Lenny Yusrini 

Dr. Aaron Tham

Distinguished Guests and Speakers

Mr. Beka Jakeli

Director, External Relations, UNWTO

Prof. Dr. Joseph M. Cheer.png
Prof. Dr. Joseph M. Cheer

Professor, Western Sydney University, Australia

Prof. Dr. Harold Goodwin.png
Prof. Dr. Harold Goodwin

Director, Responsible Tourism Partnership, United Kingdom

Mr. Fergus Maclaren.png
Mr. Fergus Maclaren

President, ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee ICTC, Canada and Principal, MAC-DUFF Tourism Heritage Planning

Dr. Arzyana Sunkar.jpg
Dr. Arzyana Sunkar

IPB University, Indonesia

Mrs. Manisha Pande.png
Mrs. Manisha Pande

Managing Director, Village Ways, India

Mr. Rupesh Kumar

State Responsible Tourism Mission Coordinator, Government of Kerala, India

Co-Founder, International Centre for Responsible Tourism, India

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ann Suwaree Ashton

Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Administration, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand

Dr. Ulrike Gretzel.jpg
Dr. Ulrike Gretzel

Director of Research at Netnografica, Senior Fellow, Center for Public Relations, University of Southern California

Program and Activities

Scope and Tracks

  1. Sustainable Tourism Practices and Peace
  2. Challenges and Risks in Tourism for Peace
  3. Impact of Sustainable Tourism on Peace
  4. Tourism and Conflict Resolution
  5. Tourism & Cultural Heritage Conservation in Asia
  6. Low Emission, Zero Waste & Biodiversity Conservation
  7. Tourism & SDGs
  8. Tourism & Community Empowerment
  9. Sustainable Hospitality Management
  10. The Future of Tourism & Hospitality Education
  11. Tourism, Innovation, & Destination Management
  12. Tourism Marketing & Entrepreneurship​
  13. Economic Impact of Tourism on Peace
  14. Technology and Innovation in Peaceful Tourism
  15. Inclusive Tourism for Accessible Society
  16. Regenerative Tourism

Important Dates


More designated partners to be confirmed soon.

Registration and Payment

ICRTH2024 Registration

This registration form is divided into 3 sections:

Section 1: General Information

Section 2: Delegate details

Section 3: Payment details


Please take note of the following:

Admission Types

  1. General Admission (including industry professionals, government agencies and associations)

  2. Academic Admission (including presenting and non-presenting lecturers and researchers)

  3. Student/Member Admission (including active students and members of Sarawak Research Society (SRS), Centre for Responsible Borneo (REBORN), Southeast Asia Research Academy (SEARA) and other designated partners)

Important Dates

You will be asked for the following information or documents:

  • Professional headshot / photo

  • Short bio

  • Titles of your extended abstract or story, if applicable

  • Valid IDs (for active student/member)


Please ensure you have them ready for a smooth registration process.


Note: There will be no payment made at this stage. Once you have submitted the registration form, a confirmation email will be sent along with payment details and procedures.


For inquiries about registration, please contact


  1. Fee per workshop, inclusive of morning/afternoon tea breaks and lunches. The number of pre-conference workshops to be organized will be updated from time to time.

  2. The fee includes admission fee, morning/afternoon tea breaks and lunches for the 3-day conference, experiential excursion on second day and networking dinner on the first day. It does not include accommodation, transportation to the conference venue, breakfasts/dinners, and other personal expenses. An additional fee is required from academic presenters because of proceeding arrangements and publication opportunities (subject to review).

  3. An optional post-conference activity. Transportation, accommodation, and partial meals are included.

Submission and Presentation Guidelines

 General Admission

Story Telling Submission and Presentation

Delegates including industry professionals, government agencies and associations are invited to share about their experience pertaining to the realm of responsible tourism.

Written Submissions

All submissions must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Content: 

    1. Craft a compelling and insightful story that highlights your experience, challenges faced, and lessons learned in relation to tourism and hospitality in your localities.

    2. Emphasize the positive impact your endeavors have had on the industry, community, or environment.

    3. Highlight the connection between your work and the principles of responsible tourism.

    4. Ensure clarity, engaging narration and relevance to the conference theme.

  2. Written submissions should contain only 300 - 500 words.

  3. Written stories should be prepared according to the submission guidelines, using the provided template and uploaded in the registration form.

  4. The submission deadline is on 07 April 2024 (Sunday).


Terms and Condition:

  1. To encourage constructive and healthy discussions, stories should avoid political discussions, criticisms, and personal attacks.

  2. By submitting your story, you agree that ICRTH has the right to publish it. Your stories may be shared on official ICRTH platforms, including but not limited to the conference website, promotional materials, and social media channels.

  3. If your story includes third-party materials (images, quotes, etc.), ensure you have the necessary permissions to use and publish them. By submitting, you confirm that you have obtained consent to use any third-party materials included in your story.

  4. By submitting your story, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with these terms and conditions. 

  5. The ICRTH organizers reserve the right to reject or remove any submission that violates these terms.

Submission format
  1. Use the provided template: ​

​2. Length: 300-500 words only

3. Number of keywords: 3-5 keywords

4. Font and font size:  12 pt Times New Roman

5. Paragraph spacing: 1.5

  1. Presentation guidelines, schedule including venues will be informed on a later date.

  2. Outstanding stories and storytellers will be awarded during the conference closing ceremony. For the list of awards, please refer to Affiliated Journals and Awards.

  3. Submitted stories also have the chance to be featured in the ICRT-SEA Short Story collection, providing a platform to showcase your expertise and contribute to the wider discourse on responsible tourism.

Presentation format
  1. Use the provided presentation template: 

​   2. Mode: Physical

   3. Duration: 10 minutes

Academic and Student / Member Admission

Extended Abstract Submission and Presentation

Delegates are invited to submit extended abstracts and present them during the conference.

Extended Abstracts

All submissions must adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Only extended abstract (1000 - 1500 words) will be reviewed and accepted. Short abstracts (100 - 150 words) and full papers will not be accepted.

  2. Submission of extended abstract should be prepared according to the submission guidelines, using the provided template and uploaded in the registration form.

  3. Extended abstracts that are not relevant to the conference will be rejected. Please refer to the conference tracks listed here Scope and Tracks.

  4. The submission deadline of extended abstracts is on 05 April 2024 (Friday).

Submission format

  1. Use the provided extended abstract template 

2.  Length: 1000-1500 words, including tables, figures and references

3  Number of Keywords: 5 words

4.  Font and Font Size: 12pt Times New Roman

5.  Paragraph spacing: 1.0​

Academic Presentation
  1. Presentation of extended abstract is only confirmed when (1) registration form is submitted, (2) extended abstract is accepted with a letter of acceptance and (3) payment is made with the submission of payment slip via email.

  2. Presentation guidelines, schedule including venues will be informed on a later date.

  3. For group/collaborative research, only one author is allowed to present. He/She has to register for the conference as a presenting delegate.

  4. Best papers and presenters will be awarded during the conference closing ceremony. For the list of awards, please refer to Affiliated Journals and Awards.

  5. Outstanding extended abstracts will be selected by the conference Scientific Committee to submit their full manuscript to the conference affiliate journals. Manuscripts will go through a review and revision process before it can be published.​

Presentation format
  1. Use the provided presentation template

2.  Mode: Physical

3.  Duration: 10 minutes presentation and 10 - 15 minutes question and answer session

Affiliated Journals
and Awards

1 /  ICRTH2024 Affiliated Journals:
  • Journal of Responsible Tourism Management

  • Tourism Geographies (SSCI and SCOPUS Q1)

  • Young Consumers (ESCI and SCOPUS Q1)

  • Tourist Studies (SSCI and SCOPUS Q2)

  • International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration (ESCI and SCOPUS Q2)

  • Asian Journal of Business Research (SCOPUS Q2)

  • Asian Academy of Management Journal (SCOPUS Q3)

2 / ICRTH2024 Awards:
  • Best Paper Awards

  • Outstanding Story Awards

  • Best Academic Presenter Awards

  • Outstanding Story Teller Awards

  • Emerald Publishing Special Award


  • Best Presenter Awards by sessions are given to both delegates presenting physically and virtually.

  • Best Paper Awards, Outstanding Story, Emerald Publishing Special Award will only be given to those papers presented physically

Theatre Hotel Kuching

187, Jalan Song Thian Cheok, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak


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