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Responsible Borneo (REBORN) is about rebuilding tourism through the lens of responsibility for sustainable development in Sarawak and other emerging destinations. It is a response to the declaration of 2021 Sarawak Commitment to Responsible Tourism made on 28 May. The overarching objective of REBORN is to advance and perpetuate the discourse on responsible tourism and realise it pragmatically in the local context. It seeks to synergize the knowledge, skills and resources of the relevant stakeholders and reinforce collective actions to make a substantive impact on the environment, economy and society (especially the local community).



Responsible Borneo (REBORN) is an initiative of Sarawak Research Society (SRS) to advance the knowledge and practice of responsible behavior as well as implement sustainable development through responsible tourism management.

Misson & Core Values
Responsble Tourism Blueprint

Responsible Tourism Blueprint

The significance of this research goes beyond enriching the responsible tourism literature as it also aims to provide a Responsible Tourism Blueprint (practical guideline) and operational framework with indicators and measures, as well as a Responsible Tourism Manual for the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak (MTCP) and the relevant tourism and hospitality stakeholders in the state. Ultimately, the goal is to position Sarawak as a responsible tourism destination that benefits local residents/ visitors and businesses, empowers them to work under the responsible tourism framework as well as impresses and attracts foreign visitors in the long run. UTS will lead this project with the support from SRS and other relevant agencies.

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Who we are
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"Responsible tourism advocates behavioural change and collective actions among stakeholders to sustain tourism for the well-being of the people and planet."

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Dr. Hiram Ting

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