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Community Programme 1

Introducing ESD to Schools at Bau District to Realise Responsible Tourism


18th October 2021 

Keranji group meeting

SRS, RCE Kuching and community leaders meeting with school principal and teachers in Bau

On 15th October 2021, Sarawak Research Society (SRS) and the community leaders of Bau, work together to hold the first community programme exchange meeting and discuss about the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Bau District.


Attendees include Chairman of Hwa Gong Bau Historical Society Pemanca Bong Jong Long, Treasurer Mr Lucas Lim Tee Kiat, Taiton Kapitan Phang Nyat Kiaw, Paku Kapitan Pui Shak Sin, Owner of Borneo Keranji Farm Mr Ho King Wong and Ms Amber Ho, SJK Chung Hua Taiton Director Mr Henry Liew, Principal Mr Pui Poh Chong and the teachers, Chairperson of Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Kuching Mdm Mukvinder Kaur Sandhu and the fellows, together with Chairman of SRS Assoc. Prof. Dr Hiram Ting and his research members.


The purpose of the session is to discuss opportunities and avenues between Responsible Borneo (REBORN), RCE Kuching and SRS on how to educate and empower students in Bau District on sustainable tourism and environmental awareness through education.


During our last visit to Bau led by REBORN committee, RCE Kuching Chairperson and Project leader for Responsible Tourism working group of RCE Kuching introduced the Responsible Tourism e-module to the principal and schoolteachers of SJK Chung Hua Taiton. The school was the first school in Bau District approached by RCE Kuching team to kick start the community programme in 2022. RCE Kuching team planned to facilitate and conduct the e-module programme at the school’s computer lab for the teachers and students. Besides, RCE Kuching team also encouraged the school to embed SDG elements as an integral part in all teaching subjects and introduced ESD as a key enabler of SDGs and how it raises the knowledge, awareness, values and most importantly action on sustainability issues. With this, RCE Kuching aimed to expand these programmes and initiatives to other primary and secondary schools as well as higher education institutions within Bau District in order to promote Responsible Tourism and ESD amongst the local community.

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